icon-mdu Fibre broadband

In multi-tenant properties, we run fibre right to the router, giving your tenants up to 1Gbps of scalable and future-proof fibre optic broadband.

 Student accommodation

Whether in individual houses or multi-tenant blocks, we provide superfast broadband for students with unlimited downloads across multiple devices and 24/7 support.

Keyworker accommodation

Flexible broadband packages are available for Keyworkers in all sizes of accommodation, and with 24/7 support, we have it all covered.

  Military bases

Personnel benefit from flexible packages, no contracts and unlimited downloads to put them in control of their service.

We are a leading supplier of fast and reliable broadband to large, multi-tenant properties.

Whether you are building a new development, redeveloping an
existing one, or managing a portfolio of properties, we can give
your residents the very latest technology.

As part of the multi-billion dollar HKT Group, Relish Business has the
expertise and range of technologies to bring 1Gbps broadband to
every tenant. We have a national fibre-optic network with presence in
major UK cities and high-speed links to Europe, the US and Asia.

We believe in providing a solution that can deliver the UK’s top
speeds today, but also be easily upgradeable for tomorrow.

Delivering the UK’s fastest postcode

The Barbican complex, in the City of London, was built during the 1960s and 70s. The site is mostly Grade II listed and comprises three large residential towers and thirteen blocks. In total, the estate consists of over 2,000 homes.

Barbican residents had previously endured slow connections with speeds of around 6Mbps. In 2014, the Corporation of London and Vision Fibre Media asked Relish to design and build a fibre optic network across the entire estate.

What we recommended: GPON technology, bringing fibre optic broadband to every resident at the Barbican.

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